Who we are

First of all, we would like to thank you for all the support and audience of our visitors! Then, thank all the important people in our lives around us and motivate our work.

Now for the presentation, laughs!

We are part of the TC Flag agency, a group of engaged people who seek to inform and solve Internet users’ problems.

The O Retrato do Brasil project was created to help future university students who have doubts about their future education, such as:

  • Which university to choose?
  • Is it worth taking such a course?
  • Is this university a reference in such a course?
  • What is the structure of this university?
  • How can I contact this university?

All of our articles and articles are developed by a team of journalists specialized in producing text for the web, prepared to act from the planning, content and publication of texts. All of these professionals are extremely qualified, with extensive expertise and experience to create explanatory articles, duly coherent and analytical.

We hope you enjoy our work and spread the word. We do it all especially for you!

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