Discover the São Judas Tadeu University, one of the main centers of higher education in São Paulo

When it comes to higher education and graduation in the state of São Paulo, one of the most renowned and traditional institutions is the Universidade São Judas Tadeu, which has a vast history throughout its years of existence and is one of the most sought after options among possible graduates .

Here, you will be able to learn a little more about the history of the institution, its differences, its points worth mentioning, the courses offered, its structure and much more!

History of São Judas Tadeu University

The São Judas Tadeu Educational Complex was created in 1947, after the foundation of the State Gymnasium Admission Course, founded by the couple of teachers Alberto Mesquita de Camargo and Alzira Altenfelder Silva Mesquita.

The work and mutual effort of the two founders resulted in the installation of Colégio São Judas Tadeu and, in 1971, of Faculdades São Judas Tadeu, which included courses in Accounting and Administration initially and, one year later, included courses of Mathematics and Letters.

São Judas Tadeu University

In 1989, there was formal recognition through Ministerial Decree number 264, dated May 4 of that year, of the existence of Universidade São Judas Tadeu, whose main mission would be and still is to contribute to the integral formation of human beings through Teaching, Research and Extension with excellence.

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The USJT carries with it a series of principles that it puts into practice when it comes to university work, emphasizing the primacy of the human person, justice and fraternity in the relationship between people, respect for the rights and duties of each citizen, freedom and common good prevailing over the individual.

Organization of the university institution

Universidade São Judas Tadeu is governed by the organizational aspect based on principles of unity of heritage and administration, in an organic structure based on courses gathered in University Units, with full use of human and material resources.

Giving great importance to its purpose as an organization, the institution has its own Charter of Values, a document created with the participation of the faculty with a lot of dialogue to establish ethical and moral values ​​common to all participants in the organizational structure to better run the institution.

The Charter of Values ​​has five pillars: commitment, when assuming the objectives and values ​​of the institution in favor of collective development; excellence, by offering quality services; respect, recognizing and living with the peculiarities of their fellow men; social responsibility, when seeking the socioeconomic and cultural development of the community; and transparency, working with clarity.

Differentials of São Judas Tadeu University

São Judas, as it is known, has several reasons that make it a different option with regard to quality higher education. One of them is its evaluation as the second best private university in the state of São Paulo according to the parameters of the MEC.

In addition, it is among the ten universities in Brazil that most form CEOs, that is, great owners and operators of business management, with more than 97% of their professors being masters and doctors.

Its structure has more than one hundred and fifty laboratories and more than eighty undergraduate, graduate, MBA, master’s, doctoral and other courses, in addition to offering scholarships of up to 50% for the entire course (except for the Law course) ) and 0% interest on college funding.

São Judas has more than 37 thousand students, in addition to a faculty composed of approximately eight hundred professors and seven hundred collaborators, being the fifth university that approves candidates the most in the OAB Order Examination of São Paulo, according to data from the Bar Association itself of Brazil.

Experience and quality in more than half a century of history

Dating from 1947 in its initial molds, as already mentioned, the Universidade São Judas Tadeu has not stopped growing since then and has always kept its main objective intact: to provide quality teaching with commitment and the will to make a difference.

The years of experience and struggle to build an environment with consolidated work and results that prove the excellence of the project are indicative that it is an educational institution that certainly should be looked at with great affection by those who think of doing something. higher education course.

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