Faculty of Administration – How it works, Duration, Salary, more!

The Administration course prepares professionals to manage the human, material and financial resources of an organization – be it private, public or from the third sector.

During classes, students learn to plan strategies to increase competitiveness and efficiency in the face of the challenges that society in today’s world asks of us.

At the end of the course, the student will have conceptual, technical and human skills in all areas of a company and a global view of its operation. The types of training for the Administration course are: bachelor’s, graduate and technical

What is the Administration Course for

The administrator plans, organizes, controls and advises organizations in the areas of human resources, talking about heritage, economics and technology.

This professional implements programs and projects, prepares organizational planning, promotes rationalization studies and controls organizational performance. This will also provide administrative advice to companies.

Faculty of Administration

His field of work is broad in all companies that need this professional, so the administrator does not usually face great difficulties in finding a job.

This bachelor can work in a wide variety of sectors, from hotel or hospital administration or even migrating to the area of ​​foreign trade.

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Management course content

Faculty of Administration

According to the National Curriculum Guidelines defined by the Ministry of Education (MEC), the Administration course must consist of nuclei of basic and professional content, in addition to elective and complementary subjects.

In the basic core, which occupies almost half of the grid, there are the following contents:

  • Economy;
  • Law;
  • Mathematics;
  • Statistic;
  • Accounting;
  • Philosophy;
  • Psychology;
  • Sociology;
  • Computing.

In the professional group, which corresponds to about 34% of the minimum workload, the following disciplines are found:

  • Administration Theories;
  • Marketing Administration;
  • Production Administration;
  • Human resource Management;

The rest of the curriculum, composed of elective and complementary subjects, corresponds to 32% of the course. Educational institutions will be able to create specific qualifications, where it is possible to intensify their studies.

How is business school?

The first half of the Bachelor of Business Administration brings more basic subjects, including mathematics, law, sociology, informatics, accounting and economics.

From the third year, the student comes into contact with specific subjects, such as marketing, logistics and human resources. There are also practical activities to test your Administrator profile.

The average duration of the Bachelor of Business Administration is 4 years. In all Universities that have this career, the Internship is mandatory.

How to become an administrator

With more than 2,000 courses spread across 1,509 educational institutions and 550,000 new vacancies offered every year, Administration is everywhere. Graduation can also be found in distance learning.

Technology has been evolving and taking courses like Administration to more and more cities in Brazil. The duration of this course is up to 4 years, which may be a little longer depending on the institution.

Getting into that degree is not as difficult as it seems. According to the Higher Education Census, the average competition to enter the Administration course is as follows:

  • 19 candidates per vacancy in public institutions;
  • 1.34 candidates per vacancy in private institutions.

The tricky thing is to enter public colleges. There are almost 20 candidates competing for a single place, and the number may even double depending on the educational institution in which we are talking.

Areas of activity of the Administration Course

In order to act professionally, in addition to the diploma in a course approved by the MEC, the administrator must be regularly enrolled in the Code of Ethics of each state.

The administrator works in any line of activity, such as services, commerce, and can also be part of the Government. It can be hired with a formal contract, through a competition or work independently.

This professional usually works in a team, indoors and during daytime hours. It is subject to pressure to meet deadlines and targets.

Salary of an Administrator

Faculty of Administration

The average salary of an Administrator in Brazil is R $ 3,672.54. The states where the profession of Administrator has the best salaries are Distrito Federal, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul.



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