Faculty EAD? Find out what the benefits are and how it works!

Studying online may or may not be a good option for you, all depending on your taste and availability. It is worth mentioning that distance learning (EAD) has grown a lot in Brazil and even more in times of pandemic. There are more than half a million students who are taking a course entirely virtual.

Among the reasons that lead a student not to leave home, we have many that we can mention: the greater convenience of studying at home, flexibility of schedules and fees that are more accessible than in the face-to-face modality.

However, despite all these positive points, many doubts can always arise in relation to this modality. And to find out if a distance learning college is right for you, you need to know everything about this tuition fee.

Is studying at a distance much cheaper than in person?

Faculty EAD

Not always, but we can say that in most cases it is. In addition to being cheaper than face-to-face tuition, tuition does not require the bus money, as there is no need to travel to the University.

And for those who thought they would not be able to get a scholarship, we give you good news. There are already many Public Universities that have this modality. It also has the University for All Program (Prouni), which is aimed at private universities in the country.

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The EAD Course Diploma

Faculty EAD

The Diploma for on-site courses has the same validity as those for distance learning. This will happen as long as the course is recognized by the MEC, in addition to the Educational Institution.

In addition, the EAD faculties are evaluated by the MEC according to the same criteria and with the same rigor as the face-to-face courses.

With a distance learning college diploma recognized by the MEC, you can apply for a job that requires university education, participate in public tenders for higher education positions and then go on to graduate school.

Studying at a distance – When will it be a good option?

Going to college at a distance is always a good thing when:

When you need to reconcile the University and your studies and you have almost no time to rest, it may be time to think about getting a degree from your computer and anywhere;

Not being able to take a face-to-face course, it is also advisable for you to complete a postgraduate course. This happens with university students who have a good job in a city and there is no face-to-face course for example, opting for Universities that offer this distance learning course;

When your budget is low, it is useless to think about the most expensive, after all it can take the debts. Choose the distance learning mode.

Where to take a distance course?

As important as choosing the course and the type of teaching, it is deciding which University will be chosen to study.

If you find a college offering a thousand advantages, with a little price, but without the recognition of MEC, don’t fall into this trap! You will throw away time and money.

We remember that the diploma obtained in a distance higher education is worth as much as the classroom, yes, as long as the faculty is recognized by the MEC.

Distance Learning in Brazil

Faculty EAD

The vast majority of Brazilian cities with more than 100 thousand inhabitants are already offering more than one University that is in person and also EAD, in many cases at the same University.

Among the smallest, 74% of those with a population between 50 thousand and 100 thousand inhabitants have support centers.

According to Educa Insights, Brazil today has 81 higher education institutions with distance learning courses. Together, they offer 3,109 face-to-face support centers across the country.

Although they are present more strongly in the Southeast, South and in the northeastern capitals, these support units are distributed throughout Brazil. Even in the most remote areas of the Amazon, for example, it is also possible to find an Educational Institution that offers distance learning.

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