Faculty Ead with Grade of Enem – How does it work?

ENEM, is the largest entrance exam in higher and higher education institutions, public and private, in Brazil, being applied since the 2000s and from the years 2010 it started to replace many entrance exams. So, see in this post, how to get into an EAD college with your ENEM grade.

Therefore, by taking the ENEM, you will have the opportunity to use your grade, so that you can fulfill your dream of starting your studies in higher education in Brazil. If you don’t have a lot of free time, know that a good teaching option is Distance Learning.

Through distance learning – distance education, you have the opportunity to study, for lower values ​​than the tuition fees for traditional classroom teaching, and you can enter educational institutions only with your ENEM grade. Check out!

Take the National High School Exam – ENEM

To be able to enter an Ead college with your Enem grade, it is necessary that you initially take this exam. ENEM occurs once a year, and is scheduled to begin, during the coronavirus pandemic, for the beginning of next year, 2020.

Grade of Enem

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Get to know the distance learning faculties with the ENEM score

After taking the ENEM exam, you can use your ENEM score to enter several colleges, including distance education colleges, without having to take an entrance exam.

Discover some options of institutions that accept the entry of new students with the grade of ENEM:

  • University Estacio de Sá (Estácio)
  • Cruzeiro do Sul University (UNICSUL)
  • Anhanguera Educational Center (Anhanguera)
  • University of Northern Paraná (UNOPAR)
  • University of the City of São Paulo (UNICID)

Study the EaD college entry system you want

To know the system of each of the institutions for the admission of new students with the ENEM score, enter the institutions’ websites and thus, check the registration period and its form, informing your personal data and checking the available courses so that you enter the undergraduate course you want, with your ENEM grade.

Grade of Enem

Remembering that it doesn’t have to be just the ENEM score of the last exam you took, it is possible to use the ENEM score, with the effect of the entrance exam, of the exams carried out since 2013, regardless of the year in which you want to start your course. , with INEP, the institute responsible for conducting the tests, such data from the last examinations carried out.

Also, you can choose which grade to apply, the highest, according to the course and the desired institution.

I can’t pay: scholarships at EAD colleges with your ENEM score

Also, if you choose to take an EAD course, many of the aforementioned institutions offer the possibility that in addition to being able to enter the course of dreams, you can still, based on your ENEM score, achieve a reduction in the cost of your tuition. , and in many of them, up to 100% of the course.

Access the institution’s website and make a simulation, according to the note you took from ENEM, of the scholarship amount you can get.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the opportunity to study, and still get a scholarship, at least part of the amount?

ProUni Program Scholarships

Also, if you are unable to obtain a scholarship, or are unable to pay with the reduction of the course, know that the federal government has the University for All program (ProUni), which allows you, after taking the ENEM test, based on your note, try, through an electronic selection process, scholarships at EAD colleges.

Grade of Enem

The scholarships, which can be 50%, and are called partial, or 100%, the integral calls, and guarantee that throughout your college EAD, you have the opportunity to attend your graduation, with scholarship over all of it.

To participate in ProUNi, it is necessary that after the selection, you prove the socioeconomic vulnerability, presenting all the documents requested by ProUni, which is applying for the scholarship. Don’t waste time, and start your EaD college right away using your ENEM grade, following these steps.

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