Check out the best courses to enter the job market!

There are multiple factors that make someone choose a certain higher education course: if it is an area that arouses interest, if the fees are very expensive, if the course is on the list of scholarships offered by the federal government and, of course, employability.

The last factor means the probability of finding employment in the sector and this is something that must always be evaluated: whoever spends a few years in a college wants to practice his profession.

Below, some professions that have increased their demand in Brazil and that guarantee their graduates good chances of work and possibilities for successful entrepreneurship.


Law is one of the most classic university courses, being valued for many centuries and becoming increasingly important. After all, practically all large companies have a legal sector or, at least, are clients of an office that takes care of the processes for them.

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In the same way, more and more the population understands that they need to resort to legal means when their rights are not enforced. As a result, people who graduate in this field have several opportunities in the job market.

It should be noted that the various subdivisions of law make it even easier for students to choose that legal department in which they will do better, including regarding the number of job openings.

Some of these subdivisions are:

  • Tax;
  • Environmental;
  • Civil;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Criminal;
  • And others

With the completion of the Law course, students gain the option to open their own office, to advocate independently or to join a team.

Information Technology

When citing higher education courses that help to get good job openings, it is clear that Information Technology cannot be overlooked in today’s world.

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Based on the concept of Internet Of Things (Internet of Things), several devices now have a network connection and, therefore, maintaining your software and hardware is even more essential.

It must not be forgotten that the IT sector is one of the most active in most companies, in addition to the possibility that professionals in this area also have several possibilities to undertake.

If there is knowledge related to development, this professional has even more horizons to be explored.

For many, the Information Technology course may seem super expensive, but it is part of the courses that can be chosen by those who enroll in scholarship and vacancy programs from the Ministry of Education, such as ProUni and SISU.

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Anyone who thinks that courses aimed at Education are not part of those with more job openings is wrong and Pedagogy is proof of that.

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In addition to the need for these professionals in public and private schools, the knowledge offered by this higher education can even help professionals in the health field. In fact, it is important to say that those who are not interested in being in schools can specifically consult.


For some time, people thought that taking the business course was a choice for anyone who was undecided about the industry he wanted to pursue.

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However, the Administration course can be marked as one of the most open possibilities in the job market. After all, with this diploma, you can get a job in:

  • Schools;
  • Concessionaires;
  • Pharmacies;
  • Laboratories;
  • Schools;
  • Hospitals;
  • Industries;
  • A lot more

There is an immense facility to take a course in Administration and, once again, the scholarship and vacancy programs of the Ministry of Education are an alternative for those who think that private universities charge too much for this training.

It should also be noted that technical courses in Administration are also efficient in helping to get jobs. In addition, they are cheaper and students graduate faster.


This is as classic a course as law and you only need to consult public tenders in the whole country to see that practically all cities hire doctors frequently.

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In addition, there is no shortage of private clinics and hospitals in the country: each year, the number of clinics associated with large health insurance coverage increases, for example. As with law, there are many options for specialties.

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