Get to know the Faculty of Digital Games now and where to find vacancies!

When the children, whenever they asked us what profession we would follow, many said the astronauts, soccer players, actor, among other very pleasant professions. Nowadays, with the increasing advancement of technology, children may have changed some desires.

But they are closer to accomplishing than we were: the college of digital games is already a reality!

Discover the Faculty of Digital Games

This innovative course is emerging in university centers and universities, and consists of being a technologist who prepares a multidisciplinary professional who is capable of acting in the production of a digital game, being able to even exercise functions that induced directly connected to the most diverse aspects: from planning , through creation, content generation, programming, art and localization, until reaching narratives, game design and game validation.

College of Digital Games

Every day we can see how this area has managed to turn the economy around. We can see that there is a market that has been looking for exactly these skills, mainly for the development of serious games in the areas of Health, Education and Business.

Using solutions that make reality virtual and augmented, are applied in several areas, such as advertising and digital marketing. Still, in the entertainment games industry, there is a millionaire market that is interested in this type of professional and who wants to work in a large production or launch their game independently.

Digital Games College Jobs

Currently, we have some colleges that offer this course:

Universidade Positivo

College of Digital Games

He is a technologist offered by one of the largest universities in Paraná. Its differentials: it is the winning course of Imagine Cup in the Game Design category in 2011. In 2012 it was in second place and in 2014 it was a finalist. The Imagine Cup is the most important world innovation championship, promoted by Microsoft.

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It has a real possibility of being used in producers for the country, as well as exchange with universities in other countries. There will still be the development of inter and multidisciplinary projects with other courses at Universidade Positivo.

Its active teaching methodology is focused on personal improvement and also on the development of skills, in which a theory can be applied in practice. There is also the promotion of events such as programming marathons for students, with the participation of the game development community.

It lasts 2 and a half years and is offered in the morning at the Santos Andrade unit, in downtown Curitiba.


College of Digital Games

One of the largest universities in the country is also offering the Digital Games course. The course is focused on using to produce games for computers and several mobile platforms, counting on an excellent and first-rate infrastructure with a very high level faculty.

The Digital Games course aims to idealize, analyze, design and implement both 2D digital games and 3D digital games, as well as the most diverse complexities on different platforms: mobile devices, consoles and computers.

In addition, it seeks to interpret results and conduct experiments in the area. With the study of technology in digital games, a PUCPR offers you a union of your computer knowledge with your creativity to develop even the most specific parts of graphic construction, animation, modeling and characters.

The differential of the PUC course is that it counts professors who are references in the area of ​​digital development, including even developers of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Player Game.

The course is offered in person, at the Curitiba Campus, lasting three and a half years. The course can be in the morning or at night, and the monthly tuition is around R $ 1,404,466.

As for the monthly fee, parentheses are valid: the amount is valid for the first period of 2020. The monthly fee, after that, will be composed of a fixed installment plus a variable.


There are also several places that offer the technologist for Distance Learning. Let’s see

Anhembi Morumbi Online – Game design, technologist, 4 years old. Monthly payment of R $ 161.10;
IBMR – Game Design, Bachelor, 4 years. Monthly payment of R $ 161.10;
FMU – Game Design, technologist, 4 years old. Monthly payment of R $ 161.10;
UNIRRITTER – Game Design, Bachelor, 4 years. Monthly fee of R $ 161.10.

Once completed, there is still the possibility of doing a postgraduate degree in the area. Senac SP, for example, presents the post in “Games: Production and Programming”, lasting 408 hours.

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