Anhanguera College in Prouni – How to apply, Vacancies, Cut-off

Anhanguera was founded in 1994 and in 2014 started to implement sophisticated methods in its Learning Model, recognized until today.

It is offering undergraduate, graduate, technical and other extension courses. There are several areas where students can apply their knowledge.

It has approximately 15 thousand professors and employees spread throughout Brazil, in addition to specialists, masters and doctors. Keep following the text below to learn more about the institution!

How to study at Anhanguera College

Anhanguera’s education system is ready to prepare you for the job market. All of this happens in a very interactive and dynamic way, where you learn everything in practice and in the way that it should be applied.

Anhanguera College

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All you have to do is select the course and Unit you want to join to study. You can register and in case of withdrawal, part of that amount will be retained with the University.

Anhanguera College in Prouni

The University for All Program (Prouni) is an initiative of the Ministry of Education (MEC), which grants full and partial scholarships to private institutions of higher education. The objective is fair aid to undergraduate students who are considered low income.

Anhanguera participates in Prouni and grants scholarships that can reach up to 100% of the monthly fee. We explain below how the selection process and other important information about admission through the federal program works.

Anhanguera College

There are two editions per year, in the first and second semesters, according to the teaching periods of the educational institutions. Your registration is free and made on the official website of the program. However, the following requirements must first be met:

You must prove that you are Brazilian; have participated in the current edition of Enem; not yet having an undergraduate degree (either at a Private or Federal University), having attended high school in public schools, or as a full scholarship holder in private schools; have obtained at least 450 average points in Enem and cannot have zeroed the last Enem essay.

As an incentive for continuing education, Brazilian public school teachers have special conditions at Prouni. Professionals who teach in the public school system and are in effective exercise can apply for scholarships, even if they do not meet the income requirements.

If you meet the prerequisites above, just register on the official program website during the period published, fill in the registration data and choose two options of courses of interest. You must select the course, the Anhanguera unit of interest, shift and type of scholarship (50% or 100%).

Vacancies and Cut Notes

The number of places available is defined by each Anhanguera unit and updated on the Prouni website during the registration period. The cut score is the lowest score that allows the candidate to get a spot in the chosen option.

Always be attentive during the registration period, it is important to monitor every day the partial performance of the cut note for your two chosen options. This makes it easier to know if there has been any change in the system or not, in addition to whether you are being selected for the Institution.

Anhanguera provides access to partial (50%) and full (100%) grants. This is the same as in most other private institutions linked to Prouni.

The Income Proof stage is also vital to obtain a full scholarship at Anhanguera through Prouni, the student must prove per capita income of up to 1.5 minimum wages. For partial scholarships, per capita income of up to 3 minimum wages must be obtained. This value will always be the one in force in the year according to what was published in the Federal Government.


Anhanguera College

The results are announced in two consecutive calls defined in the Prouni schedule. It is worth remembering that it is not Anhanguera or any University that will set the dates, but the MEC system and that only the Universities pass this on and that they will inform their students.

Come and study at Anhanguera, one of the most qualified in our country. And if you have any questions, just leave a comment below!

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