7 Best Public Universities in the Northern Region

The North Region is the largest in Brazil, occupying approximately 45% of the national territory. However, its long distances, the presence of many rivers and forests make integration difficult. Even so, the number of higher education institutions is not the largest, compared to the Midwest. What are the best public universities in the North? That is what we will answer.

The North has an immeasurable wealth in relation to fauna and flora. Many of the universities that appear among the 7 best in this region are focused on studies focused on nature, but offer courses for the most diverse areas of knowledge.

The 7 best public universities in the North

Pará is the state with the most quality universities in the North Region, with three representatives on our list. Amazonas has two representatives and the other states have only one in this ranking.

1 – UFPA


The first place among the best public higher education institutions in the North is the Federal University of Pará (UFPA). Its foundation took place in 1957, and today it is composed of 15 institutes, eight centers, 36 university libraries, two university hospitals and an application school.

It is considered the main public university in the Amazon, with more than 4,000 students enrolled for master’s degrees alone, more than 2,000 in doctorates, in addition to those studying undergraduate and graduate courses. UFPA’s main objective is to ensure the integration of functions such as research and extension.

  • Website: https://portal.ufpa.br/
  • Phone: (91) 3201-7390
  • Address: Instituto de Tecnologia – R. Augusto Corrêa, 01 – Guamá, Belém – PA.

2 – UFAM



The Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM) is the second best in the North Region, at least when considering data from 2019. It is noteworthy that it was founded in 1909 as a Free University School of Manáos, being treated as a university in 1913 , that is, it is one of the most traditional in all of Brazil.

Nowadays UFAM has a campus in Benjamin Constant, Coari, Humaitá, Itacoatiara, Manaus and Parintins. The Computer Science, Dentistry, Biology, Electrical Engineering and Law courses are among the best at the institution, occupying prominent positions even on the national scene.

The Brazilian State does not recognize a higher education institution as the oldest in the country, so besides the Federal University of Amazonas, others fight for this position, such as the Federal University of Paraná. In addition, there are older ones, but who did not have a university degree.

  • Website: https://ufam.edu.br/
  • Phone: (92) 3305-1480
  • Address: Av. General Rodrigo Octavio Jordão Ramos, 1200 – Coroado I, Manaus – AM.

3 – UEA


The State University of Amazonas (UEA) is the second best in the largest state in the country and the third best in the Northern Region. It was founded in 1973, offering different possibilities for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral courses. In recent years, UEA has been instrumental in regional development and the internalization of education.

Currently, there are more than 20 thousand students enrolled in undergraduate courses, along with postgraduate positions. There are five Higher Schools in Manaus, in addition to them, there are more than 10 campuses spread over other municipalities in the state of Amazonas.

  • Website: http://www.uea.edu.br/
  • Phone: (92) 3214-5774
  • Address: R. Bloco Um e Três, 4-40 – Platô do Piquiá, Boca do Acre – AM.

4 – UFT


The Federal University of Tocantins Foundation (UFT) is one of the newest on this list, since its creation was in 2000, only functioning in 2003. Although it does not have two decades of activity, it already offers more than 50 face-to-face courses undergraduate, distributed among undergraduate, bachelor’s and technological, in addition to some distance learning (EAD).

Although it started its activities in 2003, the institutional construction dates back to the time that Tocantins did not yet exist and was part of the state of Goiás. Today it has seven campuses, in the cities of Palmas, where its headquarters are located, in Araguaína, Arraias, Gurupi, Porto Nacional and Tocantinópolis.

UFT stands out for its pioneering spirit in some segments, for example, it was the first higher education institution to release quotas for indigenous students in their selection processes. This happened in his first entrance exam, held in 2004.

  • Website: https://www.uft.edu.br/
  • Phone: (63) 3229-4220 / 4109
  • Address: Quadra 109 Norte, Avenida NS-15, ALCNO-14.

5 – UEPA



Second best institution of higher education in your state, the State University of Pará (UEPA) is present in several cities. Its foundation came in 1993, with headquarters in Belém, but with units in 14 other municipalities. Currently, more than 30 undergraduate courses are offered in the most varied areas of knowledge, in addition to master’s and doctoral opportunities.

UEPA’s mission is to assist in state development, in a region where cultural diversity is one of its hallmarks. The goal is to train ethical professionals who can help society through dialogue. Nowadays there are practically 20 thousand students attending classes at the State University of Pará.

It is considered the most internalized higher education institution in Brazil, arriving in regions of Pará that previously did not have this quality. In 2016, they abolished their own entrance exams, adopting the National High School Examination (Enem) as the only form of classification to be a student.

  • Website: https://www.uepa.br/
  • Phone: (91) 3299-2299
  • Address: Travessa Angustura, 2219 – Pedreira, Belém – PA.

6 – UNIR



UNIR or Fundação Federal University of Rondônia is considered one of the 7 best public universities in the North. It was created in 1982 and currently has approximately 10,000 students. The university has campuses spread over cities such as Ariquemes, Cacoal, Guajará-Mirim, Ji-Paraná, Porto Velho, Presidente Médici, Rolim de Moura and Vilhena, the headquarters being in Porto Velho.

It offers several postgraduate courses, such as:

  • Administration;
  • Experimental Biology;
  • Language Sciences;
  • Physics teaching;
  • Mathematics.

Undergraduate courses, on the other hand, are divided between bachelor’s and undergraduate courses, and for some of them it is possible to choose either option. Regarding campuses, studies are mainly focused on what each region needs.

  • Website: https://www.unir.br/
  • Phone: (69) 2182-2032
  • Address: Av. Pres. Dutra, 2965 – Olaria, Porto Velho – RO.

7 – UFRA


The Federal Rural University of the Amazon (UFRA) closes our ranking with the 7 best public universities in the North. Founded in 1951, it is considered one of the most traditional in the region, with five campuses in the interior of the state, in the municipalities of Capanema, Capitão Poço, Paragominas, Parauapebas and Tomé-Açu, with its headquarters in Belém, Pará.

Nowadays about 10,000 students study in the courses offered by UFRA throughout the state of Amazonas. It is the third largest in Pará and along with the other two it brings quality education to all local regions.

  • Website: https://novo.ufra.edu.br/
  • Phone: (91) 99203-9281
  • Address: Estr. Principal da Ufra, 2150 – Curió Utinga, Belém – PA.

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