7 Best Engineering Universities in the World

Studying at a reputable university is the goal of many people, as this makes the curriculum richer and easier to get a job after graduating. Here we will talk about the 7 best engineering universities in the world, so you can have a base when making your choice.

Is there a Brazilian university in this ranking? This is what we will show below. They are educational institutions that care for quality training, with professors specialized in what they teach, laboratories filled with technology and libraries to complete the education mix.

What are the best engineering universities in the world?

It is complicated to make a list with the best universities in the world, as the concepts of assessment are not the same in all countries. Still, it is possible to say that the United States has the main educational institutions focused on engineering.

The country invests heavily in teacher training, so that they can transmit the content in a qualified and technical way to students. In addition to the United States, England has some very traditional universities, which have already trained thousands of top engineers.

1 – California Institute of Technology

 7 Best Engineering Universities in the World

If you dream of studying engineering outside Brazil, know that the California Institute of Technology is considered the best in the world, at least in the view of the Americans. It receives a score of 4.65 on a scale from 0 to 5. It was founded in 1891 and has 32 former Nobel Prize winners.

Those who graduate from this university can practically choose which job they want to pursue, to give you an idea, Google and Intel are among the companies that hire the most recent graduates. In addition to the faculties focused on engineering, there it is possible to follow yet other areas of knowledge.

2 – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Have you heard of MIT? This is one of the most highly regarded colleges in the world. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the ideal place to train new engineers willing to create innovative technologies and change people’s view of the world.

The choice has 25 professors awarded by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. As in the first place, Google is one of the companies most interested in hiring engineers who have just graduated, Microsoft is another company that uses MIT as its base for new employees.

3 – Stanford


Another university that could not be left out of this ranking is Stanford, very suitable for those who want to study engineering and master this art. They have qualified professionals to teach and pass on the content they master to students. There are 65 laboratories and specialized centers throughout the complex.

There are more than 3 thousand students enrolled in undergraduate programs, in addition to more than 240 teachers. Google and Cisco System are the biggest employers for Stanford alumni, but Facebook, HP, Apple, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft are also companies that hire the new professionals who studied there.

4 – University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209, appearing as one of the oldest in the world. It is one of the most traditional educational institutions in England. There, many scientists, writers and politicians have studied there, as well as established engineers who collaborated in the development of new technologies.

Cambridge has sometimes appeared as the best university in the world, considering all the courses and factors that are put into practice in this election. There is a strict procedure for the entry of new students in graduation, which makes the dispute even more fierce for one of the vacancies.
In relation to engineering, the specialist is for Electrical, Mechanical, Aeronautics and Production and Chemistry.

5 – Kyoto University

Kyoto University

Kyoto University, in Japan, appears among the best in the world when it comes to Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering. For this reason, it is a reference throughout Asia when it comes to the training of quality engineers. The students as soon as they graduate are disputed by the main companies in the countries known as Asian Tigers.

Its foundation took place in 1897, today there are more than 3 thousand professors in the faculty, and the unit offers several opportunities in undergraduate and graduate courses, with emphasis on engineering courses. In addition, it has 13 research institutes and 21 educational centers.

7 – Imperial College London

University of California Berkeley

Our list ends with Imperial College London, one of the leading educational institutions in the United Kingdom and which is very well placed in engineering rankings. To get an idea, they are leaders in the Civil Engineering category, appear in the fourth position in the Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautics and Production course and in third place in Chemical Engineering.

Together with the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, it appears as one of the three best educational institutions in England. Its foundation happened in 1907, with the merger of old educational institutions. Nowadays it has a science park, with many libraries and laboratories.

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